Fundraising promise

No man, woman or child should live in fear.

As a TPU supporter, you share our resolve to rid the world of landmines and help vulnerable families in war-torn countries get back on their feet. Our deminers are making land safe, metre by painstaking metre. Your support, no matter the size of the donation, makes a huge difference to their work.

We want your experience of TPU to be the best it can be, so you feel good about choosing to support us, well beyond your last click in the donation process.

Here is our promise to you:
>> Spend your money wisely: 90c in every dollar you donate goes directly to transforming the lives of families affected by conflict across the world
>> Follow best practice and comply with relevant laws and regulations
>> Adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice
>> Be transparent at all times: you can find out about our work and fundraising activities in our annual reports and on our website
>> Respect you and your privacy
>> Look after your data, in compliance with data protection law
>> Never share your data with third parties without making the relationship and any financial arrangement clear before doing so
>> Never put pressure on you to donate to TPU
>> Communicate with you only in the way you choose
>> Respect your decision if you decide you don’t want to hear from us again

Making a complaint
We value our relationship with you and take pride in maintaining honest and open communications. If you have a concern or wish to raise a complaint, please email: info@terrapura.ngo