Where we work

After nine years of conflict, landmines and explosives continue to threaten the lives of families in eastern Ukraine. Since 2014, it was recorded nearly 3,000 casualties—men, women and children—suffering life-changing injuries or even death. Just last year, a family of four was killed when their car hit an anti-vehicle mine.

As the fighting moves back and forth, villages become battlegrounds on the frontline, leaving vast areas of agricultural and forest land littered with explosives once the battle moves on.

TPU is employing men and women in contaminated regions, many of whom come from mined communities where people have been plunged into poverty because they can no longer access their land.

TPU intends to remove explosive items, from landmines to cluster bombs, spread across contaminated land. We are also intend to map and mark dangerous areas and use machinery to help us clear battlefields and buildings damaged in the fighting. In addition to making land safe, we deliver risk education, helping people, particularly children, understand how to stay safe.